Like the best laid plans and preparation of the best of us; people's plans unfortunately change. 

Here at West End Yachts Ltd we have a boatyard capable of storing up to 70+ yachts of all sizes. The yard itself is surrounded on 2 sides by stone walls and fortifications from the days of Nelson, to a height exceeding 30 feet. The other two sides of the boatyard is surrounded by Historical Stone buildings built in the 1800's. These offer considerable protection to our stored vessel's in the worst of weather and hurricanes.

If your plans change and your voyage changes we can store your vessel and help with the H.M. Customs paperwork to allow your vessel to stay in Bermuda for an extended period.

No matter the problem we believe in service and helping the ocean traveler. Our staff have done their miles at sea and understand your problems. 

For further help contact 
Paul Wring
Telephone: 234-1303 
Fax: 234-0568
Cellular: 703-1307

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