Bermuda sits at the natural atlantic crossroads of ocean voyaging.

Situated some 560 nm off Cape Hatteras on the coast of North Carolina.  And lying to the north by some 1000 nm is the British Virgin Islands.

The annual late fall movenment of some 1200-1300 yachts moving from the North East of the U.S. and their return in the spring, makes the waters around Bermuda busy with ocean voyaging traffic. 

Lying to the North West and West of Bermuda is the Gulf stream.
This body of tempestuous water has been the subject of much research, and fortunately in today's times much information is available to the ocean voyager about the gulf stream. This is primarily thanks, to the altimetry research, this supplies huge amounts of information on current speed location and water temperature. The following university's have a huge amount of information on line and it can be readily accessed on line at their websites Rutgers University, John Hopkins University, The Delpht University.
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Here above we can see an example from Rutgers University. This is a multi day composite image.
And here above you can see another fine example of the work done on the speeds of the gulf stream by The Delpht University.
It is displayed in meters per second so basically double it for NM  to find the approximate value. This is dated 100323 (23rd March 2010)